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Not quite sure if you are ready to buy a print?  Here are some comments from people who own work by Richard DeSpain to help you make your decision. 
We would love to publish comments from more of you who own prints by Mr. DeSpain.  Please e-mail your comments to us -- our e-mail address is at the bottom of each web page.
President Clinton Letter - 1994
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Additional comments from other customers are below.
Having several of Richard's prints, I was so excited to hear about this web site. Since my husband retired from the the military and we moved away from Little Rock, I didn't think we'd have a chance to see or purchase any more. This web site has changed that. Thanks!!   -- Doreen R., Louisville, Kentucky

For several years, I have enjoyed Richard C. DeSpain’s works that are displayed in a number of public places that I visit occasionally.  I never cease to be awed at his attention to detail and his extensive knowledge of such a wide range of subjects.  He seems equally comfortable whether the subject is a building structure or a portrait.  His pen and ink drawings never miss a single detail whether it is a building, a street scene, a landscape, an animal, a portrait or any one of his many other subjects!  As with his drawing, Mr. DeSpain’s application of color is  both pleasing and detailed.


Difficult as it was to make a choice, I chose the Oaklawn print, “The Winner” (Color).  I seldom see an artist who accurately depicts the structural and muscular details of a horse…..especially one in motion!  Mr. DeSpain has done a marvelous job! 


Now, I don’t need to “go” anywhere to enjoy artwork by Richard C. DeSpain.  I can enjoy it in my own home!  Carol D., Little Rock, Arkansas

It is difficult to get higher praise than that from the President of the United States, so we thought we should start with this letter Richard received from President Clinton in 1994.
President Clinton is referring to print RM495, which is available for purchase from our online catalog.  There are a few more Clinton - related prints for sale as well.

Beautiful! He's always been a favorite artist of mine.  -- Kathy G., Cabot, Arkansas

Have always been familiar with his works.....own one already.  -- Beverly B., Hot Springs, Arkansas

I won one of your prints on ebay, the Old Mill, which i collect pictures of. It's 293/1000 and signed. I love it!!  -- Patricia T., Perryville, Maryland

I didn't realize the diversity of Mr. DeSpain's work - very interesting!  -- Margaret E., Sherwood, Arkansas

We have five of your pictures.  We like all of your work. Thank you sir. -- Tom B., Memphis, Tennessee

I BOUGHT THE SANTA PRINT AT THE EXPO. - I LOVE IT !!!  -- Cathy F., Little Rock, Arkansas

I have been collecting Mr. DeSpain's prints over the last 15 years and look forward to adding another to my collection. My choice is RM264. The mill is a special place for my family.  -- Susan A., Omaha, Nebraska


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